Whisky in Crystal


We are pleased to announce that the home of the Monte Carlo Whisky Society is now based at the Crystal Bar of the Hotel L’Hermitage.

View here for news of the opening of the Whisky in Crystal.

Regular tutored whisky-tastings take place here, in one of the most exclusive and inspirational settings within the Principality. The Crystal Bar provides an outstanding opportunity for people to learn, to share and enjoy new experiences and to network in beautiful and historic surroundings.

Many of the single malt whiskies in the Crystal Bar are rare, exclusive and not available to purchase in even the more famous whisky shops, that is because many of them are sourced and selected from private collectors and specialty auctions which provide 100% provenance as well as the best possible price for our members.

So, what of this impressive collection, is it under lock and key? Is it that exclusive that it becomes elusive? No, whisky is to be enjoyed, they make it to drink it, as they say “Save it for a rainy day” well maybe that’s why God affords so many rainy days in Scotland! You are invited to visit our famous Crystal Bar, many of the best bottles around, some expensive but mostly affordable so as not to draw your breath like a big peaty Islay malt.

We sincerely wish that you would join us on this exciting journey of cultural exchange, enjoying, sharing and learning together.

Uisge Beatha,  ‘the water of life’, is without doubt Scotland’s greatest export, so, sit back in our Crystal Bar and allow us to pour you a good dram, Slainte Mhath!